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 Palm Beach Underwater Hockey 
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Click on Tyra's Workouts from the menu above to download a .pdf of over 40 workouts. Below is a list of the acronyms and definitions used in the workouts of which you may not be familar.

Note: You should NOT do any workouts alone since they involve underwater work.  If you are a newbie, come up immediately when you feel the desire to breathe; do not push it.  If, during any workout, you start to feel lightheaded or dizzy, immediately get out of the pool and stop the workout.


aSap – As Slow as possible

BOGDAT –Breathe Once Go Down And Touch. Take a breath, push off from the wall, drop down and touch the bottom. Come back up, take one breath and go down and touch again. Repeat until you reach the other end of the pool.

BU –One length of BOGDATS followed by one length of unders

Bulldozer – Hold a kickboard perpendicular in front of you to create drag

FU – Full Underwater

HOHU – Half over, half under

HUHU – Half under, Half Over

OUOU – Over under, over under, as in one length over and the next length under without stopping

SADS – Strike and do skills. Swim as if you are striking, then once you are at the middle, practice an underwater skill such as passing, curling, etc.

SASD –Strike and Stay Down. Sprint to the middle of the pool and stay down

Strikes – Go to the center as if you are striking. Swim to the other end of the pool, then repeat or swim back.

TOFU – Three over, fourth under

UO – Under, over. Do this until the stated number of yards are completed

HomeLocation & HoursHow to PlayUWH RulesWorkoutsTyra's WorkoutsLinksContact UsGallery